The new product called Waves Signer is created to partially solve the problem and remove a barrier for users in a Waves ecosystem. 🎉 Since now, developers can use Waves Signer functionality to allow users authorise using any preferable way - using any signature provider. The following products can be used as a provider: For now, Waves.Exchange provider is ready. It means, users can authorise in the 3-rd party applications using the Waves.Exchange account in any browser without downloading any extensions. Right after the next picture I will describe the steps that developers need to do for implementing this feature to their dApps. Waves Signer // transaction confirmation windowHow to use Waves Signer? Let's discover the functionality that developers can implement to their dApps using Waves Signer. We will build an easy JS application step-by-step. The example is also published at github. Let's code!!!
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