Think Green

Global warning climate change, one way if we want have a sustainable humanity, we must think green green green. Now the time is to green growing.

Arts Culture

Haute Couture & Cinéma as vectors to sustainable development

Think Optimize Watter

Watter is the most important ressource of the third millenary. Collect rainfall  with containers and hydro retainer as Solid Rain, acts to optimize watter for irrigation

Blockchain Technology

Associate Philantropy to  Blockchain Technologie is the best way to be 100% transparent with the funds collected 

100 % Transparence

When you want, you check Donation History menu in order to know all about Donations, view receipt and details


We accept 12 cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Littlecoin, Dash, Dodge, Vertcoin, Speedcoin and more! Also Paypal and Check.

When 12 cryptoccurencies meet our environment

for a greener world

A better world become real

One Humanity United

These Causes Needs Your Attention

Latest Fundraising Causes

The amount of donations collected for the AFRIKA Great Green Wall, will be communicated live HD on croisette-luxury.TV the Friday,May 11th 2018.

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